We reserve the right to terminate this agreement if we find that your website is unsuitable. Inappropriate websites may include those that: advertise sexually explicit material, are aimed at children or minors, promote violence, promote racial, gender, religious, or national discrimination. nationality, disability, sexual orientation, promotion of illegal activities or violation of intellectual property rights (“IP Rights”).
It is FBJILI’s policy to not accept online agency applications if you advertise with an Internet Protocol (IP) address located in or originating from within the UK jurisdiction.
This agreement details the entire terms and conditions of affiliate status for the FBJILI affiliate program. “You”, “member” refers to you, the individual, group or corporate entity registered as our agent under this agreement and shall be deemed to include any employee, member or officers, managers, shareholders, owners, administrators, individuals and affiliated entities (and “your” has the corresponding ownership meaning).
Term and condition FBJILI


FBJILI assumes ownership of the customer at the time of making the first contract with the customer. You, as a member, serve as a referral representative for FBJILI. We reserve the right to refuse a customer (or close a customer’s account) if necessary to comply with any requirements that we may periodically establish.
By opening an account with a customer, that person or entity becomes our customer, and accordingly, all customer regulations, policies, and operating procedures apply to them.
Under the terms of this agreement, you may be entrusted with certain confidential information relating to the work, operations, or underlying technology of our membership program (such as the referral fees you earn according to the program). You agree not to disclose or use confidential information to third persons or other parties unless you have obtained prior written consent and that you will only use confidential information for purposes necessary to further the purposes of this agreement. Your obligations concerning confidential information will determine whether we end this agreement or not.


We grant you a personal, non-transferable limited license to use our trademarks solely during the term of this agreement (licensed from the owner through us). is related to displaying banners on your website.
By this agreement, we grant you a non-exclusive right to refer customers to our website and services, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. This Agreement does not grant you an exclusive right or privilege to assist us in providing services arising from your referral, and we reserve the right to enter into a contract with or obtain such assistance from you. from other parties at any time to perform services of the same or similar nature to your services. You will not request referral fees or other compensation for work done by or through other persons or entities that you have not secured.
You may not sublicense, assign or otherwise transfer this license. Your right to use your brand is limited and only through promotional banners. You will not assert the invalidity, invalidity, or contestation of ownership of the trademarks in any action or proceeding of any kind or nature, and will not take any action or proceeding of any kind or nature. action that could prejudice our rights or the rights of our licensors in those brands, provide similar products, or otherwise impair the validity or goodwill of Surname.
We reserve the right to revoke this license at any time and the license will be deemed revoked upon termination of this agreement for any reason.