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What is esports betting?

The esports industry is booming and it is a licensed professional sport in many countries including the Philippines. Esports betting has also become very popular and many Casinos are interested in including it on their betting websites. If you love video games, and e-sports betting and want to make money from that passion, this is the opportunity for you.
So what is esports betting? What types of esports betting are popular with bookmakers? FBJILI.NET will answer all in the article below. Let’s follow along!
Electronic sports or Esport (Short for Electronic Sports) is sports content that uses video game scenarios or simulates traditional sports. Competition takes place directly between many people, especially professional players, in a virtual environment.
Unlike regular sports, e-sports players compete in a virtual environment. They need to be able to coordinate in teams, understand the video games they are participating in, and undergo advanced training. skills, applying appropriate tactical techniques, especially skills in using mouse control, keyboard, etc.
Esports is not just regular video games but is considered a professional sport. If regular sports include football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, athletics, tennis, swimming, etc., then e-sports often focus on good games that are supported by many people. There is a lot of e-sports content such as Free Fire, PUBG, AOV, CS: GO, LOL, Dota, etc.

Forms of eSports betting

For e-sports, there are many forms of betting. Bettors have a variety of betting options including:

Bet with real money

This is a very popular form of betting. Bets are similar to betting on football, volleyball, basketball, badminton…
Players rely on betting odds to bet the amount of money they have on the bets. If you win, you will be rewarded by FBJILI Casino. If you lose, you will lose your bet.

Skin Bet (Item Bet)

It is a form of betting on virtual items in the game between betting players.

Challenge Bet – Head-to-head bet

In this form, gamers will compete with each other. After completing the competition, the winner will receive real money, skins, or items.
In addition, players can participate through the pages provided by FBJILI Casino. Players and team players will pay for participation. The match ends, and if you win you will receive the bonus minus the previously paid expenses.

Social betting

This is a quite popular form. Players can join friends and relatives to bet on the outcome of the match. You can choose to bet with money, skins, game items, etc.

Fantasy betting

This is a form that, in terms of technique, is not the same as regular betting. This form is almost similar to traditional sports. Players need to build a team to play with friends or e-sports players.

Popular bets in FBJili Esport

Bet to Win the entire match
Players will predict which athlete/team will win the match. Information about the match and participants will be provided by FBJILI Casino before the match. Players judge and choose the team/athlete they think will win to place a bet.
Handicap bet on the whole match
This form is very commonly applied in other sports such as king sports, football, volleyball, table tennis, baseball, etc. FBJILI Casino betting experts will make judgments about the strong team and the worst team. From there, FBJILI Casino will offer corresponding odds as well as different handicaps.
Bet Over/Under for the entire match
Players choose Over (larger) or Under (smaller) based on the number given by FBJILI Casino.
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Above is all the information about e-sports. Hopefully, with the above sharing from FBJILI, you will know what Esport is, what forms it includes, and what the rules and betting odds are. In particular, give yourself some exciting betting experiences at FBjili esport.
Wishing you success and wonderful moments of entertainment!