This website is based on Pagcor’s legal betting policy. With the desire to provide players with safe services and the most interesting entertainment environment. When participating, players need to carefully read FB JILI’s privacy policy; to understand how FB JILI uses players’ personal information.
Players may be asked to submit personal information at any time while using the services on the website. Required information such as full name; email; phone number; address; date of birth; and Transaction information….). FBJILI COM will use and store that information according to the provisions of current Law; And ensure the utmost care according to FBJILI COM standards.
FBJILI CASINO can monitor players while on the site. Tracking indicators such as number of visits to the site; the pages players use the site; The root domain name of the Internet service that the player uses.
agent policy FBJILI CASINO


FBJili will be based on the actual profit you earn from downline members and then calculated and transferred it to your FB Jili account based on the regulations of the commission rate. Each month, you must summarize at least five years. (5) valid betting member. However, FB Jili shall have the right to withhold an affiliate commission for any particular month whether in whole or in part, regardless of 5 valid active members, in case it is found that the affiliate has failed to efforts to promote advertising for FBJili for more than 2 months, resulting in no new customers placing bets; missing FBJili banners on dealer website; and or lack of any other online and offline promotional activities. Commissions are withheld until new member bets are seen in the affiliate accounts, at which point FBJili will have the sole discretion to pay out, either all or part of the frozen commission. Any commission will be retained for a maximum period of 6 months. After 6 months, if no customer has placed a bet, the commission may be canceled at FBJili’s discretion.
Eligible betting members are customers who achieve a minimum betting turnover amount equivalent to one hundred United States dollars (USD 100.00) at a time in any calendar month.
Profit to calculate commission: profit that FBJili Com earns from five (5) valid betting members within a month minus betting expenses, sub-program expenses, bonuses, or promotional expenses.
Returns: Credit card holders discover unusual transactions made on their credit/debit cards without their permission. The credit card holder then requests his bank to return these funds. Chargebacks involving illegal use of the credit card holder’s card or card number by a third party.
“FBJili Total Winning Bets” is the sum of all bets placed by at least five (5) eligible betting members in your member account during a calendar month, minus all winnings by or paid to your Betting Members.
If a player initiates a chargeback, the disputed or returned revenue will be forfeited and therefore subtracted from your total balance for the current month. If this accumulated revenue deduction exceeds your current amount, the balance will return to a negative balance and you will have to earn enough revenue to cover that claim amount before you can start earning revenue again. collect.
Refunds will only be due until the revenue generated by your other players has paid off the amount due. You acknowledge that FBJili Com can only pay a percentage of their actual profits and not fraudulent revenues.
“Bonuses” include bonuses, free coins, credits, sign-up bonuses, promotional coins, and other incentives credited to the customer’s account. Since the client does not purchase these funds, FBJili Casino cannot pay a commission on them.
If in any month you do not meet the provisions in clauses 4.a, 4.b and 4.c that each month must have at least five (5) valid betting members, you will not receive a commission. That month’s commissions as well as betting losses generated by members will not accumulate over the following month.
Profits will be accumulated based on FBJili’s commission structure rate.
Negative profits will be carried forward to the next month. If the member ends the month with a positive balance then payment will be made if it meets the minimum requirement and commission will be paid on the positive balance.
The profit to calculate the commission is based on the profit level of each transaction of your downline members, then based on the commission structure to calculate the rate, as long as you still maintain our membership. me, then transactions arising from your customers will still be included.


You are solely responsible for directing customers to FBJili ‘s website.
Only customers who are properly tagged can be assigned as members. If the affiliate tag is incorrectly attached to the member’s website or is not received properly by FBJili ‘s server, the customer’s registration will not be assigned to the member. Therefore, it is the member’s responsibility to ensure that all links are properly tagged.


a. As a member, you are responsible for promoting FBJili by placing advertisements, placing banners, and tracking URLs on your website, emails, and other communications.
b. You agree to register and maintain accurate and truthful contact information with FBJili.
c. You will only present content and topics approved in advance in writing by FBJili on your website. Content deemed inappropriate in FBJili’s sole discretion will result in immediate termination of the membership agreement.
d. You will be solely responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of your website and all materials appearing on it and at your own expense. For example, you will be solely responsible for ensuring that materials posted on your website are not defamatory or illegal or infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. As we have no control over your website, we disclaim all liability in these matters. Furthermore, you must ensure that any costs of disputes or complaints regarding the operation of your website do not affect us (not limited to attorney’s fees) related to the development, operation, and maintenance of your website. and content on your website. This indemnification provision does not affect our private action or claim against you under applicable law.