This website is based on Pagcor’s legal betting policy. With the desire to provide players with safe services and the most interesting entertainment environment. When participating, players need to carefully read FB JILI’s privacy policy; to understand how FB JILI uses players’ personal information.
Players may be asked to submit personal information at any time while using the services on the website. Required information such as full name; email; phone number; address; date of birth; and Transaction information….). FBJILI COM will use and store that information according to the provisions of current Law; And ensure the utmost care according to FBJILI COM standards.
FBJILI CASINO can monitor players while on the site. Tracking indicators such as number of visits to the site; the pages players use the site; The root domain name of the Internet service that the player uses.
fbJILI Privacy Policy


Information that FB JILI requires you to provide:
Full name, phone number, email, account access password.
Requires confirmation that the player is 18 years of age or older.
In case FBJILI sends newsletters, players who do not want to receive them can unsubscribe from the newsletter by following the included instructions.
The purpose is to require players to provide personal information
FBJILI will use the player’s personal information to confirm the transaction.
Occasionally FBJILI CASINO will send players information about events and newsletters to provide customer care services or complete game services.
In addition, confirming account information also serves to confirm transactions; And other purposes mentioned above.
Players can change their account information by Clicking the Account button in the downloaded software.
Visitor information
FBJILI may use Cookies and collect IP addresses to track website usage. This helps FBJILI COM provide better access services; and analyze the profile of players accessing the web. Information was collected from this form. may not be used to create personal player profiles; Stored data files are regularly screened.


FBJILI is committed to efforts to secure players’ personal information; And commits not to disclose this information to anyone, except in the cases stated in this policy. FBJILI employees are required to comply with the terms of the policy; This obligation remains in effect for employees who have left the party at FBJILI.
FBJILI will try to ensure player information security. However, players also need to be aware that using the Internet is not secure. Therefore, players also need to protect their personal information. Players need to ensure not to reveal their access password to anyone and accept risks when providing information and using online services at FBJILI.
FBJILI will not be responsible for any breach of security. Unless FBJILI does not ensure adequate technical measures as required by applicable data protection laws.


According to current regulations and laws; FBJILI may disclose player information in the following cases:
Disclosure of information necessary for trial purposes; under a court order or other legal process.
When it is necessary to contact or take legal measures against the organization; individuals to protect the interests of FBJILI.
FBJILI is allowed to be authorized by players to disclose personal information to third parties acting as FBJILI’s agents; if FBJILI believes it is necessary for an investigation of document falsification; infringement of intellectual property rights; copyright rights; and illegal activities.